What is Bird With A List?

Bird With A List

What is Bird With A List?

Recently people have asked me what Bird With A List is about.  I write about quite a few topics, but what it boils down to is that I want to support and encourage women.

A lot of us are mothers, caregivers, daughters, and wives, with lots of ideas and responsibilities.  I am all of these things and I happen to think birds are cute– hence the name- Bird With A List.

We all have a story to tell

I love to read, play board games, and serve in my church as Cub Master.  I intensely dislike any form of physical activity where I have to run. I am social and friendly but I refuel as an introvert would, at home with a book or HGTV.

Bird With A List is the story of my life, my learning, and my growth as well as any tips I pick up along the way about time management in all areas of life.

I write about tips for finding time for family, time for home and time for self.  I believe all 3 are needed to truly find balance.

We all have challenges and worries as part of our stories.

I am a mom of 2 special needs kids (Autism and scary Food Allergies are underlying topics on the blog) and life can get lonely.  If you are in a parenting stage that seems like it will never end- take heart- it does get better.  I don’t think the kids get easier- each age has its challenges, but I get better at handling the daily issues and worries.

I am getting better at turning to God in my times of stress.  I am learning to take quiet time for myself to spiritually reconnect. I’m slowly learning to be gentle with myself.

Bird With A List

You are not alone!

Is your story leaving you feeling discouraged?  Overwhelmed?  Do you feel like everyone else in the world has their act together and you are somehow less because you flippin can’t keep the dishwasher empty or go a whole day without being testy with your kid?

Join the crowd!!

You are not alone.  

I wish I had a big audience so I could shout this to the rooftops.

As women, we can make a choice.  We can choose to be supportive and lovely to each other and gentle with ourselves or we can choose to be judgemental and unkind.  I know what I would like to be and I know I often fall short.

Bird With A List

Yes, I’m a time management nut.  Yes, I love a good list and pretty office supplies make me happy.  And yes, I have to write a “to do” list for tomorrow so I can sleep tonight.

But this blog is about encouragement.

You can do this.

And maybe a list can help.  



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