Mission Statement and Policy Page

Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of Bird With A List is to provide a place of community and support to caregivers.  We want to live with intention, quietly going about what needs to be done in a way that brings love and peace to our days- regardless of our personal circumstances.

Time management isn’t a poetic topic, but when we think of those birds who sing through life and take care of each other we can find inspiration to live our lives with purpose…

with the help of a list of course!

Comments Policy

Help us keep Bird With A List a happy, productive place!  This is a family friendly site with no intention to harm or cause contention.  Therefore, please keep your comments calm, clean and respectful.

If you make a comment on Bird With A List and don’t see it appear at a reasonable speed (and it is PG) please contact us directly- we want to hear your stories and don’t want technology glitches to get in the way!

Privacy Policy

I do have a newsletter here at Bird With A List but I will not share your email with anyone at anytime. Also, comments will require an email address for the purpose of filtering out spam.  You will only get email from me in reply to your direct emails.

All email, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information that are shared in the comments will be deleted as soon as possible for your protection.

We are not responsible for the privacy policies for any sites we may link to.

We reserve the right to change this policy page at any time.

Disclosure Policy

Bird With A List may at times have affiliate links or sponsored posts.  All opinions are my own and are given with the intention to help my readers.  I will not endorse a product or service I wouldn’t recommend to my best friends and family!

As always- thank you for stopping by!


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