Weekly Inspiration List

Weekly Inspiration List

Once a week I hope to collect all of the inspiration I’ve found around me into one list– full of beauty, peace, and hope.  In the comments please add anything you have found to be inspirational and motivating!

My Weekly Inspiration List

#1 Improving my old, outdated kitchen cabinets has been a bit of an obsession for me and my Pinterest board lately.  My favorite article lately is 5 fast and easy ways to refresh your kitchen cabinets

Taking off the cabinet doors for open shelving is my latest idea… I’ll let you know if I get the guts to do it!  I guess I could always put them back on if I hate it.

I found a few real life kitchens that did this and I am in love.

Libby Grove Design did an amazing job on hers!

Kitchen Shelving

Photo Credit: Libbie Grove Design

Mom 4 Real chose great accent colors.

kitchen cabinets

Photo Credit: Mom 4 Real

#2 Cookie Monster Ice Cream!  We celebrated Spencer’s birthday this past weekend and had a Sesame Street themed party complete with an Elmo cake, a Sesame Street sing-along, and this amazing Cookie Monster Ice Cream.  Everyone loved it and it was a breeze to put together.


Photo Credit: Frugal Coupon Living

#3 While we are on the subject of birthday desserts–I love the simplicity of this Mississippi Mud Cake from Tastes Better From Scratch.  I can imagine our favorite egg-free chocolate cake as the base of this one to make it a food allergy friendly option!

Mississippi Mud Cake recipe from TastesBetterFromScratch.com

Photo Credit: Tastes Better From Scratch

#4 I heard about this book “The Little Things: Why You Really Should Sweat the Small Stuff” by Andy Andrews

I love the idea that there are small and simple things we can do each day to strengthen our energy and help us in our trials.

Here’s a little excerpt.  “Have you ever wondered why we spend so much time and energy thinking about the big challenges in our lives when all the evidence proves it’s actually the little things that change everything?  That’s right…  Absolutely everything.”  Andy Andrews

#5 I made a spiritual goal to find someone to be a cheerleader for every day this week.  I know I am at my best when I am thinking outside of my own situation and trying to uplift others.

Cheer for people. Support them. Encourage them. And do the same for you. Someone else's success has no determination on yours. Just because someone else shines doesn't mean you have to sit in the background. Drop competition. There is enough sun for everyone if you believe it & focus on your path. Once we realize this we are able to support ourselves and others. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ #livquotes:

What can you add to this list?  Let’s be motivated and inspired together!

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