The Balance Beam Meditation

balance beam

I have never been accused of being athletic—unless you count marching band in high school, I have never competed in a sport or been a part of an athletic team.

We have a joke in our house that mom never runs unless chased…and maybe not even then.  I would do better to stop and drop and scream in hopes of throwing my attacker off balance than try beat anyone in a foot race.

However, gymnastics has always fascinated me, especially the beam.  I could probably walk along a balance beam just fine without falling off, but to be able to do flips and tumble along it would be out of the question.

3 ways the Balance Beam meditation can change my life…if I let it

#1  Try to stay on.  Life isn’t perfect for anyone, even those remarkable athletes who spend hours a day practicing and getting stronger.  Every time I get out of bed with a positive attitude after a tough day before, I am trying to stay on the beam.

#2 Understand that I will fall off.  Falling off the beam is part of the of the sport!  As much as I try to keep it all together and never get discouraged, I will fall off.   It should not come as a surprise that I fall off, but it does.  That’s why I need to take care of myself and meditate, work hard, and get proper rest.  Knowing that I will fall off now and then and that it’s OK should help me from being too hard on myself.

#3 Don’t walk away from the beam.  Understanding that I will fall off the beam now and then does not mean that I need to walk away from it entirely.  When things start to fall apart, I need to jump off the beam for a minute on purpose.  Rest.  Breathe.  Take a break.  Just stand right beside it.  Give it a little pat.  🙂 The jump off wasn’t a fall, it was expected and necessary for continued progress.  Prepare for that moment when I must make that jump and plan for it.  Maybe even schedule it on my to-do list!

Practice doesn’t make things perfect.  It makes things possible.

Perfection has no place on a balance beam.  To make it possible to continue to walk the beam I must remember that practice makes progress possible.

Now for the important stuff: Comment below if you have ever won a competitive race… I will be thoroughly impressed.


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