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Journal Prompt: write a letter

writing a letter

Writing Letters Journal Prompt

I have written many letters in my life.  Some were to people I could have just as easily called on the phone or emailed, but I figure everyone loves mail right?

Some of my favorite letters included those to:

  1. My future husband when I was 15 years old.  It was fun reading that to my husband on our wedding day.
  2. My child when I was pregnant.
  3. My grandchildren.  I’m not quite there yet!
  4. My mother who passed away 5 years ago about all the things she’s missed.  I usually do this one on her birthday.
  5. I have printed out emails from when my husband and I were dating.
  6. A friend in need of some encouragement.
  7. Myself in 10 years, 5 years, 1 year etc.
  8. My children.
  9. Thank you cards for small acts of kindness.
  10. A veteran who gave his or her life in service of our country.

Today, though, let’s write a letter to a friend in need.

Write a letter to a friend

Someone asked me recently to write an encouraging letter to a friend who needs help recognizing her worth.  She is feeling discouraged with life and is ready to give up on her dreams. She is beating herself up over small mistakes and not taking time to recognize how special she really is.  She is having trouble setting goals, feels hopeless, and can’t get motivated to try.

Here’s my letter:


I hope you have found your courage to start something that scares you.  You have special gifts that can and will bless others if you are open to the opportunities.

Many people give up.  You don’t have to!  Mistakes happen!  You do not have to be perfect.  You just have to be you.

Setting goals can be overwhelming, but lucky for us we can set tiny goals that we can use to move small steps forward. Give yourself permission to be a beginner!

Some days will be tough, but they are supposed to be.  We are not promised to sail through life without challenges.  Be gentle with yourself.

Remember to ask yourself “Who are you fighting for?” Maybe you can take a few minutes to ponder that question when things get tough.




The letter writing exercise

You can stop there and send that letter to your friend, but I was told to write my name at the top of that letter and read it when I was feeling discouraged.  We all can think of ways to cheer up a friend who is feeling low, but we don’t often do the same for ourselves.

I learned about this writing exercise and many other wonderful things at Christy Wright’s Business Boutique and I’ll be writing an honest review of her event soon for my newsletter subscribers.

For today though, write a letter to a friend and be sure to keep a copy in your journal to read when things get tough.

Do you write letters you will never send?






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10 Journal Prompts for the Caregiver


Bird With A List: Journal Prompts for the caregiver

Bird With A List is a blog dedicated to providing care for the caregiver and to advocating for the advocate.  Time management is so important in this task because those who are caregivers need to make time for what’s important—and that includes you!

We support you—the mom of small children, the adult child caring for her parents, the mom of a child with disability who is facing a lifetime of care giving.

These 10 journal prompts are for you—the caregiver.  Make the time for what’s important.  Try to find time for yourself as you plug along trying to get the job done.

Bird With A List

Click on the link below to print this document.


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Remember, if you don’t take time to take care of yourself- who will?

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