An Organized Woman Interview: Sabrina

An organized Woman

Welcome to a new series of interviews called An Organized Woman!

Basically, these are women who get the job done!  They have solved the mystery of how to never lose another piece of paper ever again and personally, I want in on the secret.

My first interview was with Sabrina.  She knows the value of celebrating who you are and not apologizing for it.  She also knows how the spirit in her home is calmer and kinder when it is organized.

She was kind enough to snap a few pictures of her home- yes she did this on the fly- I would have needed time to spruce up first before taking the pictures.  🙂

An organized woman sabrina

So, (drum roll please!) Here is my Organized Woman interview with Sabrina:

An Organized Woman Interview Questions #1A

No, my room was ALWAYS disorganized.  When I got married I realized keeping the home nice was a priority and I learned as I went.

An Organized Woman Interview Questions #2 A

We do not have a written out cleaning schedule, but we have a basic system in place.  I think it’s a matter of priorities.  I would much rather party with my kids than clean house so I try to stay on top of it.  Rooms get picked up the night before, beds get made before school.

  • Kitchen counters are cleaned after every meal
  • No shoes in the house
  • Kids have to keep their rooms clean
  • Wipe down the bathrooms after everyone gets ready.
  • Start the dishwasher at bedtime no matter how full it is.
  • AM unload the dishwasher so it’s empty for the day
  • Do laundry each day
  • Put in laundry at night and switch it before my shower and fold and put it away quickly.

An Organized Woman Interview Questions #3

Everyone helps out and everyone does their share.

My kids have jobs to do and no matter how great a job they do I do not re do it.  We have teaching moments before letting them try a new job, but if my 7 year old is cleaning mirrors there’s bound to be streaks- the kids do their best and I’m happy with it.

When we say it’s time to clean up the children know what they have learned how to do. Each child has a list of chores that are age appropriate.

Once you are done with something- you have to put it back.  Kids make messes- that’s part of life, but they know when they are done it all has to go back.

  • They know if we are organized we don’t lose things.
  • They know when the house is clean mom isn’t stressed.
  • They know when the house is clean we can do more things.
  • They know that organization saves us a bunch of time.  Time for other fun things!

I’ve tried to teach my children that it’s a lot harder to do backup work than it is to handle the job right then and there.

An Organized Woman Interview Questions #5

My kids organized their playroom.

I told them:

  • YOU decide how it’s organized.
  • I’ll ask YOU where something goes.
  • YOU are the boss.
  • YOU take control.
  • It’s not the way I would have done it, but they never ask where something goes!

Each child has a basket of toys they keep in their room from the playroom.  They can rotate it out whenever they like, but the toys that are kept in their rooms have to fit in the basket.

An Organized Woman Interview Questions #6

I go through mail, my kids art and school papers and other paper that comes in the house right away.  If I put it off it could get lost or pile up and become unmanageable.

We have a shelf organizer and keep a drawer for bills and a drawer for coupons.

Kids art gets put on the fridge for a week and then the child can decide if it goes in the keep bucket or into the trash.  We go through the keep bucket regularly as well.

 An Organized Woman Interview Questions #7

We have a blue bin for colors and a white bin for whites and smaller towels and rags.  When that bin is full we do a load.  My kids help fold and put away the laundry and I am sure to do laundry every single day.  No matter what.

So, it’s pretty simple!  I don’t like making extra work for myself.

An Organized Woman Interview Questions #8

I use to be strict about a menu plan.  Now that my kids are older and in more activities in the evenings I make a list of 7-8 meals.  Everyone chimes in on what they would like to eat that week.  What meal we eat what night depends on how much time I have to prepare it.

Side note: We hate emptying out the fridge to clean it so I am sure to scrub the fridge before filling it back up with food.

An Organized Woman Interview Questions #9

I have a calendar on my phone, reminders on my phone and I plan out the next day the night before.  I’ve found it is essential for me to be willing to adapt the plan because it very rarely goes the way I think it will!  My husband is better with the lists, but if we have a big event like family coming to town I have a bigger list of what needs to be done.

From Dereth: I wonder if it’s similar to THE LIST: Cue Scary Theme Music...

An Organized Woman Interview Questions #10

Did you know Americans waste 9 million hours a day searching for misplaced items?

  1. I organize one time and it stays that way because I keep it simple.
  2. De-clutter one small area at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  3. Enlist your family to help you!
  4. Find a system that works for YOU, don’t try to copy someone else’s plan.
  5. Remember:What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for someone else.
  6. Be consistent and remember organizing is a process, not a destination.
  7. You can’t be a perfectionist about a lot of stuff- pick what works for you and go with it.

If you have kids- remember- kids make messes!

Prioritize- it’s not a big deal to have your pantry neat and tidy when your toddler is screaming.  Kids may remember that your house is either messy or clean, but they will always remember the time they spend with you.

Most of all remember this:  

You can feel a special spirit in your home when you have a house of order, but you can still feel that spirit when you are simply doing your best.  Accept and celebrate who you are!

Thanks Sabrina for being our first interview for “An Organized Woman”! I learned so much from you and I love this last message- celebrate who you are and do your best. 

I guess I’ll need to try doing laundry every day…

Do you know An Organized Woman?  Nominate her for an interview to share her secrets!





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