Love Lists: My favorite journal writing prompt

Love Lists

Love Letters

I love to write.  I love to write lists!  I don’t know why writing a love list didn’t come to me before now, but I am excited to use this journal prompt, but first… a trip down memory lane.

Ah, the days of writing love letters to your sweetheart… your heart was so full of affection it was easy to think of all the reasons you couldn’t live without him.  You wrote long emails or letters (because cell phones hadn’t become mainstream yet) and saved up your pennies for the occasional phone call to hear his voice.

Well, that was my story anyway since Thomas and I lived in different towns when we first started dating.  I remember he would send me little electronic roses I thought were just so darn clever and sweet.  (This was way before emojis were cool)

I printed out all of our emails back and forth and put them in a 3 ring binder to show our kids someday.

love lists

love lists

Recent Love Letters

Many years ago I wrote what I loved about each of my kids on hearts and taped them to their doors so they saw them when they woke up.  This simple little gift must have meant something to them because those sad little hearts are still on their doors- hanging from a thread.

Love Lists

One year I put post-it notes on Thomas’ mirror of all of the reasons I love him. Everything from “he helps with the math” to “his smile” made the list.

Thinking about these past attempts at love notes got me asking myself these questions:

  •  Why don’t we take the time to write love notes now?  
  • Are we so busy that I forget?
  • Do we not need to because we live together and see each other every day?  (I know the answer is no to this one)
  • Maybe it’s because after 18 years of marriage you get use to the day in and day out of living with someone you adore and simply forget.

Crystal at Money Saving Mom writes goals for the week and every week she would put “Write a love note to Jesse” (her husband) on her list.  That idea seems daunting to me.

But a list?  That I can do.

Love List Ideas

Every week I am going to write a love list to someone in my family.  Here are some ideas for love lists to get you started.

Love Lists

Some of these you could share with your loved one, but some are private journal prompts.

And to make things a little easier I have a cute Love List Printable!  Join in the love!

 Do you write love notes?


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