Free Father’s Day Printable: My Dad

father's day printable

This free Father’s Day Printable is sure to make dad or grandpa smile and will remind your kids and grand kids how lucky they are.

Click below for the “My Dad” and “My Grandpa” printable!

My Dad

My Grandpa

7 More Father’s Day Ideas I Love

#1 This Grilling Partner craft from Glued to my crafts is down right adorable.  Where was Pinterest when I had toddlers?  I could make my teens do this, but somehow I don’t think it would be as cute.

#2 What kid doesn’t love painting rocks?  I think my older kids would still get a kick out of this Dad Rocks idea.

#3 Mom’s and Munchkins has an adorable twist on the “tool box” idea.  Chips and candy are my kind of tools.

#4 I made the shirt and tie cards for centerpieces for an assisted living home I volunteered at years ago.  DIY Ready has a bunch of cool father’s day card ideas.

#5 I love a good pun and so do most dads.  Thanks to Preschool Crafts for Kids I will never run out of a good knee slapper!  Check out this funny Best Dad I Ever Saw craft.  So clever!

#6 You are all that and a bag of chips is a card gift I’ve used on multiple occasions and love how sweet and easy it is.   Thanks Eighteen25!

#7 How Are You So Flippin Awesome is another one I’ve used, but I do it with a small pancake mix and a spatula.  I never thought of it with Flipz pretzels!  Even easier!

When in doubt though- give lots of hugs and thanks this Father’s Day.

Dad’s do all they do because they love us and want to protect and cherish us.

I got to counting and I think I have 10 or so fathers in my life just from our immediate family of siblings and fathers.

What can I say?  I am blessed.

Do you have Father’s Day traditions?





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