3 easy meditation exercises to get you started

easy meditation

Easy Meditation- Is there such a thing?

I started trying to meditate 2 years ago and have sort of inched along each day trying to do a little more and most of the time giving up then trying again. I have a few weeks of meditating for 30 minutes and then life will happen and I’ll miss my meditation time for a few weeks and I have to build it back up all over again.

Since I’ve had this issue on and off for 2 years I’ve come up with 3 easy meditation exercises to get me back in the habit quickly.  Maybe they will help you too.

It’s my belief that caregivers need to take the time to be quiet.

We go to great lengths to help other people every day- sometimes all day and it’s important to have a quiet 30 minutes to sit and just “be” each day.

#1 The Bubble


This sounded kind of weird when I first heard about it, but I use it any time I have a hard time turning off my brain when I sit for quiet time.  I imagine putting my thoughts into a bubble and watch them float away.  Then my mind is clear for a few minutes and another thought comes so it goes in the bubble and floats away.  I watch it in my head until the bubble is out of sight.

Now, at first the only thoughts showing up in my bubble were “Man alive this is dumb”  I promise it gets better.  Trust the bubble my friend!

#2 The Box


I call mine a God Box.  It can be a “Let it go already” box if you prefer.  Anything I know right away I can not handle I write about it on a piece of paper, say a few words of prayer and gratitude and put the paper in my pretty little kitchen canister with lemons on it that makes me happy.

This one is pretty new to me, but I’ve already seen the beauty in the physical letting go.

#3 The Road


Are you ever driving and wonder where all of the people are going?  I know not everyone has this thought, but since I was a kid I would think about the people in those other cars.

  • What were their struggles?
  • Were they going to work?  Where do they work?
  • What do they love to do?
  • Do they have a family?  Kids?  A cat?

If I’m sitting in my car stewing about a situation in my life or worrying about something I have absolutely no control over I turn my mind over to those other drivers.

I imagine what their lives are like and how fun it would be to get to know that cute family next to me at the light who looks so happy.  Or maybe worry about the older man driving behind me and hope he makes it home OK.

If the Bubble and the Box are me letting something go, the Road is letting something else in.

Let go of perfection

There is no wrong way to meditate.  Sometimes the first thing we have to let go of is our own imperfections.  Your mind will wander.  You will feel silly at first- especially with the bubble thing- trust me- it does get better.

Don’t assume meditation is all about folding your legs in an impossible position and putting your hands together and humming.  I like to think of it as a time for me to empty my mind of my current worries and stress and allow God to take charge.

Meditation Experiment

Be sure to go back and check out my 6 week meditation experiment.  It will give you some other tips and tricks.

Let me know if you try any of these techniques!


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