Don’t should on yourself!

Don't should on yourself

Don’t should on yourself!

I had a wake-up call this past week.  I realized I was saying I should do this or I should have tried that or I should be this.  I need to remember the advice a good friend gave me once-

Don’t should on yourself!

Summer is here.

The kids are home.

The boredom has already set in for Tyler, my 10-year-old.  Sammie, my 15-year-old, started tutoring this week and swim team last week.  Spencer and I were buddies last week with no help on the respite front.

I just try to take things one day at a time.  One to do list at a time.  One journal entry at a time.  I try not to “should” on myself.

  • I should do laundry
  • I should have gotten up earlier
  • I should have arranged for help for this week
  • I should have showered before 11 am
  • I should have been more patient
  • I should have worked harder to keep the house clean
  • I should have filled out that paperwork already
  • I should have found Tyler’s baseball hat before his next game
  • I should have remembered that 12:30 appointment… I mean it was on the list!

Enough of that.

I need to remember that on my overwhelming weeks I need to be gentle with myself.

I need to say “No” more.  

I need to remember that I don’t have to be perfect.

I won’t “should” on myself.  🙂

Instead, I’ll try to find peace by remembering what did go well-

  • I spent quality time with Spencer every day.
  • I only had one afternoon where I was a little grumpy.
  • I didn’t let being late to an appointment drive me crazy.
  • I had fun playing outside with my kids.
  • I took quiet time for myself – shorter amounts instead of all at once, but 5 minutes at a time is better than nothing.
  • I called a friend when I was feeling overwhelmed.
  • I worked on my blog early in the mornings and late in the evenings- not letting this week’s activities get in the way of my writing goals was huge!
  • I arranged for play dates for my social butterfly 10-year-old when he needed to get out of the house and Spencer wasn’t up for it.
  • I budgeted, meal planned, and grocery shopped with Spencer and didn’t feel like throwing him out the car window after it was over.
  • I tried my best given the circumstances I was given.

I was enough just the way I was.  I didn’t have to do anything else- just my best.

This is a lesson I need to remember more often.

Be Gentle

Maybe this quote will help us all remember the importance of being gentle with ourselves and recognizing our success.  Remember- Don’t should on yourself!  You could be right around the corner from greatness if you don’t beat yourself up over little things.  

Don't should on yourself

In case you need to print this out to remember to be gentle with yourself, here is a PDF of the Thomas Edison quote.

Don’t should on yourself PDF

Do you “should” on yourself?  Well, Enough of that!

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