Acceptance: Mediation Experiment Week 6

Just a quick reminder about the meditation experiment:  The idea is that the outline (or list if you will) for my daily meditation will focus on all 4 learning styles.  Each week I will study a visual cue, read aloud the meditation questions, write about the topic and try to apply the experience to my everyday life.


I have meditated more effectively for the past 6 weeks and I have loved putting these meditation experiment posts together!

It was a neat experiment for me to see if I could focus better when I pondered a specific word and study topic and I do think it worked.

I will continue to post about my meditation experiments, but maybe not every week going forward.  I’m still finding my blogging voice and I want to experiment with some new ideas with my “Time for Self” category.


I have a big need for more “white space” in my life.  When I started studying about blogging I realized that blog readers like to skim.  We like to have a lot of white background space in a post to be able to focus on it and lots of visual interest.

When I have too much going on and not enough down time I like to visualize a page of text with no spaces and no paragraphs and how cluttered and difficult it is to read.

My life needs more white space and I am in a place of acceptance that I have to set limits on my daily activities if I am going to make room for that breathing room.

I love the idea that if I wrote about acceptance a year from now or even next month or week I would probably have a different focus altogether.

This week has been about adjusting to a summer schedule with my kids and accepting the fact that I can’t do everything or be everything for everyone.

That is a tough lesson to learn for moms and caregivers!

Acceptance Visual Cue:

This is the day-to-day life I want:



This is often what I do to myself:



Learning to accept my situation.

Accept myself.  Accept my present and enjoy it.  That is what this meditation is really about.  Understanding what “being in the moment” really means.

Acceptance Quote:


The Serenity Prayer is one I find myself needing to say over and over throughout the day. Remembering that the only thing I can really control and change is myself is key to keeping white space in my daily life!

Practical Application:

How do you really keep white space a priority?  We all want the clutter free home, the clutter free mind, the time and energy to do it all, but how do we get it?

There’s a famous LDS talk by Dallin H. Oaks outlines the benefit of the “Good, Better, Best” philosophy.

My Good, Better, Best for right now- summer 2016

Good:  housework, organizing, transporting kids to various activities, blogging

Better:  enjoying the time with my kids home, helping them learn the value of work by working together on projects, keeping a simpler schedule than during the school year

Best:  family night once a week at least, playing games, being silly, eating dinner together most nights, teaching the gospel to my children, prayer, temple worship, spending time with extended family, personal study and quiet time.

By identifying the Good, Better, Best I can see more clearly what is most important for this season of my life and set some altered priorities for the short term.

  1.  Personal Study and Quiet time- if I don’t get this in I am not in a good frame of mind to accomplish the other things!
  2. Teach my children spiritual skills and life skills that will enrich their lives- make it fun!
  3. Quality family time both in my own home and with extended family

The other activities are Good and necessary, but I need to make sure these 3 areas are a focus.  The rest will fall in to place.



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