5 FREE Ways to Beat a Winter Funk

Winter Funk

A few years ago- WAY before I ever had the thought to start this blog— I did a guest post for the blog Money Saving Mom about 5 ways to beat a winter funk.

We were experiencing one of the worst winters ever in St. Louis.  We blew through every snow day the school district had reserved and then some.  It seemed like every week my kids were home for a few days.

The result?  I was a moody, irritated mess of a caregiver who just wanted a bit of sun!

Today I will add a few more ideas for beating the winter blues:

  1. The caregiver curfew saves my sanity- no matter the weather!
  2. Having the understanding that I need to say No more often helps too.
  3. Remember, don’t should on yourself!
  4. I loved going back to this acceptance meditation– what a great reminder.
  5. Knowing why I do it is one of the biggest gifts I can give myself.

Taking my own advice

You may have noticed things have been radio silent on Bird With A List lately.  Let’s just say that my little world fell apart a few months ago.

We have 3 beautiful children and every one of them was going through something either physically or emotionally (or both) and many of those issues required me to spend hours researching and advocating for their needs.

Add to that all of the emotions of the holidays, missing my mom, dealing with Spencer’s aggression, worrying about Sammie at school to the point that every time she called I thought she was on her way to the hospital… it was a bit, well, much.

I was hanging on by a thread and didn’t even realize how small my thread was until things started calming down.   I held it together fairly well through the crisis, but almost everything extra was dropped.

So, my recent “funk” had nothing to do with the weather.  Feeling low and unmotivated and easily overwhelmed was in direct correlation to the situations I had no control over. The beauty of the 5 ways to beat a winter funk, however, is that you can apply them any time of year, under any circumstances.

If you are dealing with a low time right now and feeling a little beat up by life, remember you are not alone.  There’s at least one other caregiver out there just trying to get through the day too.

What do you do to beat that winter funk?


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