I used to be a real “Bird Brain” when it came to life skills and time management, but along the way I figured out how (with the help of a notebook and pen) to try to get the most out of life.

The menu bar at the top of the page can help you navigate as well, but here is a brief description about each category.

Time Management for all areas of life

Time For Family–  I’m a mom of 3 wonderful kids!  Autism, scary food allergies, cub scouting, trying to find fun activities so we can avoid the TV and playing taxi cab are all part of my motherhood journey.

Time For Home–  I struggle to keep this nest on a good system. Follow along as I stumble through organizing my home.  I’ll also share recipes we love, menus we need and my thrift store finds!

Time For Self–  I love lists because they allow me to empty my brain each day and focus on what’s most important.  Keeping a journal, meditating and personal time management are all tools I use to stay on track with my priorities.

Free printables– I’m building my printable library so check it out for freebies!

List making is an underlying theme for Bird With A List so get out that notebook and pen and let’s learn together how to have a happier and more productive day!

Why birds? Find out here.

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